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FAME! Is it though? Let’s check again…


Saturday 25 July, there will be a celebration of Christmas. ComicsMas? COMICSMAS in July! From 11m to 4pm, swing by All Star Comics to meet a few lovely Aussie creators who will be hanging out in the store, selling their new books and offering signs/sketches. We have:

  • Frank Candiloro with Nonna, Insert Coin and 9779
  • Alisha Jade with Seeds of SvalbardDopplerganger and Seven #5
  • Ashley Ronning with Satsuma-Imo
  • David Blumenstein with #Takedown


Kranburn on Comixology

Well issue 1 of Kranburn has been up on Comixology for a while now and I have to assume you’re buying it. I don’t have any physical evidence of this as they don’t offer sales reports yet, but based on the fact it’s a 40+ page comic for 99 cents…well, if you’re not buying it then I’m speaking to the wrong crowd.

Anyway, back to my original point…ummm, oh yeah! Kranburn 1 on Comixology. Well now Kranburn #2 is available too! Yep, we’re slowly but surely getting our whole catalogue up there. So if you’re wondering what to buy your co-worker for Secret Santa, this is it.


Peace out, fools. And have a nice break (if you’re not working in retail…those poor souls).

Kranburn Caption Comp

Yep…you read it right — a goddamn caption comp. Here’s your chance to scribble whatever messed up script you have playing out in your head whenever you read a page of Kranburn. We know you’ve all had some messed up dialogue rolling around in your brain-mush and we can appreciate that. So we decided — fuck it — let ‘em have their fun!

Here’s how you enter:

1. Find your Kranburn page of choice. You can get that via the webcomic, a high res PDF from our site, or a hard copy from our store.
2. Place your own caption on it.
3. Post it on our facebook page (make sure you tag us or we won’t know you’ve tried to enter). Alternatively, if you’re not a facebook fan, you can email it to us.

And that’s it – you’re in the running for the prize! What’s the prize? It’s getting your name featured in the next issue being released.

Lemme repeat that in case you think you misread it:

The winner will be announced on Monday 26 August and the issue will be released shortly after that.


They Exist!

As I said in yesterday’s post, the Kranburns #7s exist. They’re real and they have a place in this world! Now there is NO chance of there being any confusion about signings. Ben Michael Byrne will be at All Star Comics tomorrow from 11.30am through to (at least) 3pm doing sketches and signings of all the Kranburn you can fill your arms with! Here’s a quick shot from last Saturday of the man himself, looking completely serious about putting pen to paper.

Now if you’re one of those folks on the other side of the world who wants to read their Kranburn RIGHT NOW, we have the digital download now available in our online store. And of course, the printed copies can be bought over at the facebook store.

Kranburn 7

Well last week didn’t work out perfectly, but damn it I’m gonna get you kids your Kranburns if my life depends on it!!

Same plans apply to THIS Saturday. Get in to All Star Comics between 11.30am and 3pm to have your latest copy of Kranburn signed/sketched by Ben Michael Byrne. And I know some of you are a little bit behind on their Kranburns due to it’s frequency, so he’ll throw sketches in however many issues you buy. You need to catch up a few issues? BMB will sketch in all of them. Boom!

Here’s a little sneak look at the cover so you know what to look out for:


More Kranburn on it’s way

You’re probably expecting a No Man’s Bad today, but I’m interrupting it’s course to tell you something about Kranburn today.


Yep, it’s almost the start of June, which means it’s time for the next issue. This will be the first ever issue to show entirely new pages. All this time you have had to option to read the comic first online, but now…you’re in new territory. Scared much?

But in the lead up to this momentous occasion, I want to share something with all the tech lovers out there. We’ve officially launched a Kranburn live wallpaper for your android phones! It’s 99c and features a shot of Brand in his usual bloody form. You can take a look at the animation here and if it tickles your fancy, you can purchase the app on the google play store.

Enjoy and stay tuned for the release of Kranburn #7.

Hello 2013

Happy new year and all that junk. I hope you all had a half decent break (or a full decent break).

2013 has begun and FEC is ready to continue kicking arse like 2012. What’s on the cards?

Well, we will be continuing the publication of Kranburn, of course. Issue #6 is coming up soon (I’ll get to that date in a moment) but we will also be releasing a collected edition of issues 1-6 this year. I can’t tell you much just yet, but I can promise all our international readers that ordering this bad-boy will be much easier and cheaper than the avenue we currently have available. I understand that the postage costs from Australia is a bitch and we want to fix that for you.

Seven is another series we will continue to see published throughout 2013. Alisha has been storming along with pages for book 2 and has already begun working on book 3. I swear — sometimes it feels like I’ve got two of the most prolific comic creators in Australia. My two prolific and even more profane little angels.

These books will be released at the same event as about 14 other books from the numerous talented comickers Australia has to offer. This particular event is fast becoming the most exciting day for comic fans in Melbourne – Big Arse. This is the third Big Arse to date and I can honestly say it will be my favourite yet. The line up is amazing! So mark down the date in your calendar – Saturday 2 March. There’ll be more info coming as we get closer to the date, but just note it down while you’re thinking of it.

But one of the biggest pieces of news we have is the launch of a new webcomic. Great Works will no longer be released as a webcomic (still available in print though) and is being replaced with No Man’s Band. It’s a straight up comedy in your old strip format, written by Lee Zachariah (you should all be familiar with him by now) and illustrated by Mike Bradshaw (of Whatcha Podcast). This will be launching on Thursday. Yep – THIS Thursday.

Get ready, you magnificent bastards!!!

The Score

If you’re currently reading this, odds are you’re a fan of pop culture. I’d even go so far as to assume you enjoy films. If I’m wrong, don’t correct me. Feel free to close this window and continue perusing the world wide web for something else to fill your Friday afternoon. But if you do enjoys films, you may very well be one of those people. Which people? The people who are frustrated….fed up…….sick of the Hollywood machine filling your local cinema with mind-numbing rubbish. How many times do we have to witness Adam Sandler in a wacky “new” situation where he gets to scream and talk like a baby? Or sit through vampire love stories which play to the fantasies of naive young girls or lonely old women?

Well you can help work against the Hollywood machine.

Thom Holland, the illustrator of our very own Great Works, is doing his bit to fight against the same old drivel we’re served up on a weekly basis. He is directing a short film that is throwing out the formula and working towards something with mind and heart. A modern expressionist thriller with three characters; two rival musicians…and the music itself. The film is entitled ‘The Score’ and it will tell you a story using the focused elements of lighting and music composition.

So how can you help? It’s currently seeking financial support through Indigogo. If what I’ve said has piqued your interest, then head over to the site and donate. The link is: indigogo/thescore

There are many more details of what you will receive for your generosity over at the site (including a much more thorough description of the film) so please click through and check it out.

The next time you’re at the cinema and the trailers send you into a fit of eye-rolling disdain, then you can look back on this day and think either “Well, I’ve done my bit towards work of more substance” or you can think “I hate this junk, but I’ve got no choice….oh well, let’s see what Brett Ratner can provide for me tonight.”
If you’re the latter…..go to hell.

We Are Out and About

We’ve got a busy couple of weeks coming up. Tomorrow we’ll be amongst all the local talent at the Comics Market in Carnegie. This will be from 10am at the Carnegie Library. The facebook event can be found here. It’s going to be a great day, with stacks of local comics available. We highly recommend you get along to discover some of amazing works that is made in your neighbourhood!!

And then the following weekend, we will be set up in Artists Alley at Oz Comic-Con. This will be FEC’s first time attending a con and we’re craaaazy excited for it! If you’ve been wanting to meet some of the creators, now’s your chance. The illustrious Ben Michael Byrne will be at the table on the Saturday, so if you were hoping to get your copy the latest Kranburn, he’ll be happy to sign it for you. Not only will Ben be signing comics, but he’ll also be doing sketches on the day. Don’t miss out!

On the Sunday, we’ll have the prolific Thom Holland (tsholl) with us at the table. You would know him best for his art on Great Works. He’ll also have his sketch pad handy on the day and will be available for any pieces you were hoping to get your hands on.

If you’ve made plans to leave the country and are going to miss out on picking up our comics, don’t forget we have our online store set up with all the current releases. Or if you’re urgently wanting to read a copy of Kranburn and can’t wait ANY LONGER, we also have it available in high-res digital format over on our products page.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Kranburn 3 Release Date

We’ve now had the competition. Our winners have received their early editions of Kranburn #3. We wish them well and hope they’ve enjoyed their prize. But now it’s time to get to the actual release of Kranburn.

As you all know, Kranburn gets a new issue released every 3 months and that time is less than a fortnight away. So get ready for Saturday, 2 June. That’s when you can all get your grubby little mitts on issue 3.

There’s no launch party this time around. We’ll have copies supplied to the stores around Melbourne and we’ll also be attending the monthly Melbourne Comic Meet with a box full of copies for sale. For those of you who have never been to the meet before, it’s a great afternoon spent at The Prince Alfred Hotel from 2pm onwards. Plenty of comic creators and fans having a drink and chatting about all that is comics. Lovely! There could also be a chance of Ben Michael Byrne being there on the day, happy to sign any copies.

There will also be a new addition coming to our store that is very exciting. More will be shared on that in the near future, but for now – please get yourselves ready for launch of Kranburn #3.


The Kranburn Competition


You should all know by now that Kranburn is being released every three months. (It actually occured to me last month that the set schedule was more frequent than Brian Michael Bendis’ ‘Powers’. Take THAT, Bendis!) This kind of schedule is bloody exciting for us at FEC. However, I’m sure for you avid Kranburn readers, three months is a long wait.

That said, we’ve decided we want to give all you Kranburn lovers a treat. We’re offering you kids the chance to win a copy of Kranburn issue 3 a whole month earlier than the scheduled release date! Yep, you can win a preview copy. This is your chance to get a copy before all your friends do. Think of the levels of smugness you can reign over them!!!


We’re giving away 5 copies at the end of April. But not only that, they will all be permanently branded by your favourite creator, Ben Michael Byrne. 4 copies will be signed by Ben….and the fifth one will also have a sketch by him! Holy shit!


It’s pretty damn simple. All you have to do is go to our facebook page and “like” us.

And if you’re one of the awesome people who have already done this, don’t worry – we’re not leaving you out. If you post a link to “like” us on your facebook page, then you’re in the draw to win too!

It cannot get any easier than that. So get clicking!

Winners will be drawn on April 30th. Details of who has won will be posted that day.